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2 Alyn Robert Brereton
3 Julie MacKinnon
4 Linda Pittman
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Visitation: 50,000
Area: 18,000 Acres
Lat: 38.155372
Lon: 121.975182
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Pam Starr
Alyn Robert Brereton
Julie MacKinnon
Linda Pittman
Parham Pourahmad
Larry Whiting
Randall Finley
Grizzly Island Wildlife Area - Site # 84
The Grizzly Island Wildlife Area Complex is located in the Suisun Marsh, the largest continuous estuarine marsh in the lower forty-eight states.
RegionalRegional - worth visiting if you are already in the area. They may be located farther from populated areas or with more limited wildlife species.

Background: Salt marshes, tidal flats, seasonal ponds, and uplands shelter 250,00 wintering waterfowl, thousands of shorebirds, dozens of songbird species, and seven protected species, including endangered salt marsh harvest mice. A large population of river otters swim in the abundant sloughs. Riparian vegetation hides several heron species, clapper rails, and elusive black rails. Some species, such as the Suisun aster, shrew and Suisun sparrow, are found nowhere else on earth. Managed ponds host cinnamon teal, northern pintails, and American white pelicans, some remain to breed. Songbirds include marsh wrens, common yellowthroats, and many others. Northern harriers, white-tailed kites, short-eared owls, golden eagles, and other birds of prey hunt upland fields that also sustain tule elk, a species native only to California.
Interpretive panels at the headquarters only.

The Habitat: Managed wetlands (fresh, saline, and brackish), ponds, and uplands for wildlife use, hunting, fishing, and other wildlife dependant activities such as wildlife viewing, nature study, and education.

The Experience: Due to Suisun Marsh's large size and abundant wildlife, this is an area of great ecological value.

Wildlife and Where to Find It: Parking lots and open terrain. There are not any improved trails.

Viewing Tips: More than 230 bird species. Peak viewing month is February (once opened after waterfowl hunting season). High probability of seeing wading birds year-round. Birds of prey are seen year-round, particularly in fall and winter. Waterfowl and shorebirds are common in winter, with many summer broods. Look for songbirds in winter and small and aquatic mammals year-round. Excellent car viewing. Seventy-five miles of levees open February through July. Always call for information on seasonal closures.

Site Notes: Although GIWA Complex is a major wildlife area for hunting and fishing opportunities, there are also opportunities for other wildlife dependant activities.

Nearby Viewing Sites: Rush Ranch Open Space
Suisun Marsh Overlook
Lake Berryessa

Festivals & Events: Rush Ranch Open House

Visitor Information: Visit Fairfield - 707-399-2445 - https://visitfairfield.com/
Viewing Site Hours of Operation are:
Staff On-site: Yes
Open: Everday
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset
Year Round: No
Seasonal: Seasonal closures occur October through the middle of February and the end of July through the middle of September for waterfowl, tule elk, and other special hunts and activities. Please call ahead for closure information before arrival.

Road Information:   Gravel.  Dirt. 
Road Hazards: yes, poor road conditions
 Number of Parking Spaces: 0
Parking Fee: Yes
Proximity to viewing area:
 Pull-Through Parking: Yes
Parking Danger: Sharp corners and gravel roads adjacent to canals and deep slough channels. This property requires the CDFW Lands Pass. For more information, check online at: www.wildlife.ca.gov/licensing/lands-pass

How to Get There: At Fairfield and Highway 80, take Highway 12 east about 4 miles. Turn south on Grizzly Island Road. Drive 9 miles to DFG Headquarters.

Contact Information
Managing Agency: California Department of Fish & Widlife
Agency Site URL: https://www.wildlife.ca.gov/Lands/Places-to-Visit/Grizzly-Island-WA
Physical Address:
, CA
Agency 2:
, CA
Manager Phone:
Site Phone:(707) 425-3828
County: Solano
Addition Website: