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Area: 14,400 Acres
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Ash Creek Wildlife Area - Site # 24
This major spring staging area for waterfowl has extensive freshwater marshes, six meandering streams, seasonal vernal pools, and is set in a broad valley with spectacular views of Lassen Peak and Mount Shasta.

Ash Creek Wildlife Area Map: 709x722

Background: The pristine 3,000 acre Big Swamp and other wetlands attract American white pelicans, Ross' geese, and northern pintails. Marshes near Wayman Barn, a landmark built without nails, offer spring views of courting sandhill cranes, foraging shorebirds, and nesting muskrats. Rodents in the grasslands sustain several resident owl species. Swainson's hawks and bald eagles visit seasonally. Lava rock and junipers flank Pilot Butte, home to pronghorn and a strutting ground for sage grouse.

The Habitat: Ash Creek is one of the most remote, least improved, and most pristine of all of CDFW's Wildlife Areas. Located in the heart of Big Valley, these approximately 14,400 acres preserve freshwater wetlands created by the seasonal flow of six streams, including Ash Creek. In addition to 3,000 acres of natural wetlands, other natural communities include vernal pools and upland sagebrush. Among the mammals seen here are pronghorn antelope, beaver, and bobcat. Bird species include numerous waterfowl species, sandhill cranes, falcons, sage grouse, short-eared owls, and bald eagles.

Wildlife and Where to Find It: Nearly 200 bird species. Abundant waterfowl, shorebirds, and wading birds in spring and fall. Look for sandhill cranes in spring and summer and cackling Canada geese in fall. Bald eagle watching is good in winter. Deer seen summer and fall; pronghorn from spring though fall. Spring wildflowers. SITE IS REMOTE AND UNDEVELOPED.

Viewing Tips: Birding checklist

Site Notes: Earlier this year, staff in Ducks Unlimited's Western Region began construction on a wetland enhancement project on the Ash Creek Wildlife Area in California's Lassen and Modoc Counties. This area is located within the continentally significant Southern Oregon-Northeast California (SONEC) region, which experiences more than 7.5 million days of waterfowl activity during the spring migration.

The project will enhance more than 460 acres of seasonal wetlands on five of Ash Creek Wildlife Area's existing wetland-management units. Construction work will include repairing and improving existing berms, extending the berms on four management units to improve water retention and water-level management, recontouring the bottoms of all five management units to reduce topographic variability, constructing several islands in each management unit, and installing new and resetting existing water-control structures. These improvements will help California Department of Fish and Wildlife staff manage water levels more effectively and provide better habitat for waterfowl and other wildlife.

Four of the five wetland units on the Ash Creek Wildlife Area are linked to pipeline and well-construction projects recently completed by Ducks Unlimited. This system will provide a reliable source of fall and winter water to these units, improving habitat conditions and waterfowl hunting opportunities within the SONEC region

Nearby Viewing Sites: Beaver Creek
Big Lake/Ahjumawi State Park

Visitor Information: Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association - (530) 365-7500 - http://www.shastacascade.com
Viewing Site Hours of Operation are:
Staff On-site: Yes
Open: Seven days a week
Hours: 9am - 5pm Monday-Friday; 10am - 4pm Saturday & Sunday
Year Round: Yes

How to Get There: From Redding, take Highway 299 east to Bieber. Continue east 3 miles on 299 to Department of Fish and Game Headquarters.

Contact Information
Managing Agency: California Department of Fish & Wildlife
Agency Site URL: https://wildlife.ca.gov/Lands/Places-to-Visit/Ash-Creek-WA#10838139-restoration
Physical Address:
, CA
Agency 2:
, CA
Manager Phone:
Site Phone:(530) 294-5824 or (530) 225-2300
County: Lassen & Modoc counties
Addition Website: