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Credit 1 Pam Starr
2 Alyn Robert Brereton
3 Julie MacKinnon
4 Linda Pittman
5 Parham Pourahmad
6 Larry Whiting
7 Randall Finley
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Top Banner Photo Credits
Pam Starr
Alyn Robert Brereton
Julie MacKinnon
Linda Pittman
Parham Pourahmad
Larry Whiting
Randall Finley

Wildlife List

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    Allen's Chipmunk
    American Badger
    American Beaver
    American Marten
    American Mink
    American Pika
    Belding's Ground Squirrel
    Big Brown Bat
    Big Free-Tailed Bat
    Bighorn Sheep
    Black Bear
    Black Rat
    Black-Tailed Jackrabbit
    Blue Whale
    Botta's Pocket Gopher
    Bottle-Nosed Dolphin
    Brazilian Free-Tailed Bat
    Broad-Footed Mole
    Brush Mouse
    Brush Rabbit
    Bushy-Tailed Woodrat
    Cactus Mouse
    California Chipmunk
    California Ground Squirrel
    California Kangaroo Rat
    California Leaf-Nosed Bat
    California Mouse
    California Myotis
    California Pocket Mouse
    California Sea-Lion
    California Vole
    Common Dolphin
    Common Muskrat
    Common Porcupine
    Dall's Porpoise
    Deer Mouse
    Desert Cottontail
    Desert Kangaroo Rat
    Desert Pocket Mouse
    Desert Shrew
    Desert Woodrat
    Douglas' Squirrel
    Dusky Shrew
    Dusky-Footed Woodrat
    Elephant Seal
    Feral Cat
    Fringed Myotis
    Giant Kangaroo Rat
    Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrel
    Gray Fox
    Gray Whale
    Guadalupe Fur-Seal
    Harbor Porpoise
    Harbor Seal
    Heather Vole
    Heermann's Kangaroo Rat
    Hispid Cotton Rat
    Hoary Bat
    House Mouse
    Humpback Whale
    Island Gray Fox
    Kit Fox
    Least Chipmunk
    Little Brown Myotis
    Little Pocket Mouse
    Lodgepole Chipmunk
    Long-Eared Myotis
    Long-Legged Myotis
    Long-Tailed Pocket Mouse
    Long-Tailed Vole
    Long-Tailed Weasel
    Merriam's Kangaroo Rat
    Mexican Long-Tongued Bat
    Mohave Ground Squirrel
    Montane Vole
    Mountain Beaver
    Mountain Lion
    Mountain Pocket Gopher
    Mule Deer
    Northern (Steller) Sea-Lion
    Northern Elephant Seal
    Northern Flying Squirrel
    Northern Fur-Seal
    Northern River Otter
    Norway Rat
    Ornate Shrew
    Pacific Kangaroo Rat
    Pallid Bat
    Pinyon Mouse
    Pocketed Free-Tailed Bat
    Red Fox
    Round-Tailed Ground Squirrel
    Salt-Marsh Harvest Mouse
    San Joaquin Kit Fox
    San Joaquin Pocket Mouse
    Sea Otter
    Silver-Haired Bat
    Snowshoe Hare
    Sonoma Chipmunk
    Spiny Pocket Mouse
    Spotted Bat
    Striped Skunk
    Townsend's Big-Eared Bat
    Trowbridge's Shrew
    Vagrant Shrew
    Virginia Opossum
    Water Shrew
    Western Gray Squirrel
    Western Harvest Mouse
    Western Jumping Mouse
    Western Mastiff Bat
    Western Pipistrelle
    Western Pocket Gopher
    Western Red Bat
    Western Small-Footed Myotis
    Western Spotted Skunk
    Western Yellow Bat
    White-Tailed Antelope Squirrel
    White-Tailed Jackrabbit
    White-Throated Woodrat
    Wild Pig
    Yellow-Bellied Marmot
    Yellow-Pine Chipmunk
    Yuma Myotis