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Visitation: 25,000
Area: 67-mile to Acres
Lat: 33.604268
Lon: 116.618271
Nearby Services
Gas-Palm Desert (and other Coachel, 4 MilesFood-Palm Desert (and other Coachel, 4 MilesLodging-Palm Desert (and other Coachel, 4 Miles
Site Facilities
Brochure/Species List Bus Accessible Camping/lodging
Drinking Water Food/Vending Machines Gift Shop/Bookstore
Interpretive Signs Lookouts Restrooms
Trails Visitor Center/Ranger Station
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Julie MacKinnon
Anthony Brewer
Arav Karighattam
Patrick Jarrett
Ken Howard
Hayley Crews
DeAtley Cahill

List Facilites at Viewing Site

Site Id #:155 - Palm to Pines Scenic Byway

Facilites at Viewing Site

Brochure/Species List Brochure/Species List At visitor center.

Bus Accessible Bus Accessible

Camping/lodging Camping/lodging At Forest Service locations.

Drinking Water Drinking Water At visitor center.

Food/Vending Machines Food/Vending Machines

Gift Shop/Bookstore Gift Shop/Bookstore At visitor center.

Interpretive Signs Interpretive Signs

Lookouts Lookouts Along byway.

Restrooms Restrooms

Trails Trails

Visitor Center/Ranger Station Visitor Center/Ranger Station