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1 Credit Bill Sullivan Barn Owl San Mateo County
				2 Credit Greg Connor Ring Necked Snake Southern Sierra
				3 Credit Sandrine Biziaux Scherson Yellow-Breasted Chat UC Irvine Marsh
				4 Credit Leslie Allen Dragonflies Lake Solano
				5 Credit Alice Cahill Western Bluebird San Luis Obispo County
				6 Credit Brian Phan Monterey Bay Humpback Whale
				7 Credit Robin Agarwal Monterey Spanish Shawl
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Top Banner Photo Credits
Bill Sullivan
Greg Connor
Sandrine Biziaux Scherson
Leslie Allen
Alice Cahill
Brian Phan
Robin Agarwal
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for Species:  Common Raven

Common ravens are fun to observe and one of the few bird species that can
be seen year round below sea level in Death Valley National Park. Ravens
eat young desert tortoises with their big, powerful beaks; a recent 700%
increase in the Mojave Desert raven population has played a part in making
the desert tortoise a threatened species. Please don't feed ravens or any
other wildlife. (Photo by Vicki Wolfe)

Audubon Kern River Preserve
Bidwell Park
Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge
Eastman Lake
Lake Mendocino
Lassen Volcanic National Park
Modoc National Wildlife Refuge
Mojave Narrows Regional Park
Napa-Sonoma Marshes Wildlife Area
New Hogan Lake
Pinnacles National Monument
Yosemite National Park

This species found at 12 Viewing Sites.