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Credit 1 Paulette Donnellon Borrego Springs Big Horn Sheep
				2  Dale Val  Zamora  CA Loggerhead Shrike
				3 Josh Benin Tahoe Black Bear Cub_Play SNC 2018
				4 Jim Cunningham  Lower American_River Crayfish
				5 Sandrine BiziauxScherson Irvine Coyote
				6 Martha Gonzi Turkey Vultures Plumas County
				7 Rick Derevan Carrizo Plain  Nelson Antelope Squirrel
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Top Banner Photo Credits
Paulette Donnellon
Dale Val
Josh Benin
Jim Cunningham
Sandrine Biziaux Scherson
Martha Gonzi
Rick Derevan

- Viewing Sites Managed by Agency -

Managing Agency: California Department of Fish & Wildlife

Viewing Sites:

      Ash Creek Wildlife Area
      Baldwin Lake Ecological Reserve
      Battle Creek Wildlife Area
      Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve
      Butte Valley Wildlife Area/National Grassland
      Feather River Fish Hatchery
      Fish Slough Ecological Reserve & Fish Slough Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC)
      Gray Lodge Wildlife Area
      Honey Lake Wildlife Area
      Isenberg Crane Preserve (a.k.a. Woodbridge Ecological Reserve)
      Knoxville Wildlife Area
      Los Banos Wildlife Area
      Mendota Wildlife Area
      Mount Whitney & Black Rock Hatcheries
      Napa-Sonoma Marshes Wildlife Area
      Nimbus Hatchery
      Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve
      Spenceville Wildlife Area
      Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area