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Visitation: 90,000
Area: 26,800 Acres
Lat: 37.175329
Lon: 120.802338
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Gas-Los Banos, 5 MilesFood-Los Banos, 5 MilesLodging-Los Banos, 5 Miles
Site Facilities
Brochure/Species List Bus Accessible Interpretive Signs
Lookouts Restrooms Trails
Trash Cans
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List Facilites at Viewing Site

Site Id #:317 - San Luis National Wildlife Refuge

Facilites at Viewing Site

Brochure/Species List Brochure/Species List Not designed for visual impaired and may not be located in accessible brochure boxes

Bus Accessible Bus Accessible parking and roads accomidate buses

Interpretive Signs Interpretive Signs Not designed for visual impaired and may not be accessible to all people with disabilities

Lookouts Lookouts Along auto tour route - accesible to those in vehilces

Restrooms Restrooms Accessible restrooms available

Trails Trails Trail not accessible to all people with dissabilities

Trash Cans Trash Cans Not specifically designed for folks with dissabilities